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411 Law

California Court Forms

California Association of Process Servers

National Association of Professional Process Servers

Nolo Press Law Books Legal Forms

Federal Rules of Evidence

The Uniform Commercial Code

Full United States Code (searchable)

State Statutes

US Gov't Printing Office

US House of Representatives Homepage

US Senate Homepage

Law Dictionaries

Legislative Information (includes reports, legislation and the Congressional Register)

US Library of Congress Homepage

International Law Courts, Tribunals and Law-Making Bodies of the United Nations

Legal Citation (Bluebooking)

ABA Pro Bono Resources (Legal help for the Poor)

The American Arbitration Association's Homepage

The American Bar Association's Homepage.

American Law Sources Online A.L.S.O.

ALSO guide to finding a lawyer and getting legal advice

Federal Administrative Procedure Act

The U.S.. Constitution (annotated)

University of Michigan Documents Center

Law News Network

U.S.C. list of law schools and more on the Internet

International Treaties

Martindale-Hubbell Directory of Attorneys

The Online Ombuds Office

S.E.C. Documents (archived at EDGAR)

Uniform Commercial Code

U.S. relatively recent Supreme Court Decisions and older decisions
(1937-1975) from the FLITE database

Are you a criminal? Turn yourself in at the OUPD Self Arrest Page

Americans Arbitration Association

Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center

Appellate Counselor Home Page

Copyright Clearance Center

MLM Law (Resource for Direct Selling, Multilevel, and Network Marketing Companies)

International law from Lyonette Louis-Jacques

Internet Bankruptcy Library


Oppedahl & Larson patent pages

Securities Law Home Page from Mark J. Astarita

Telecom Information Resources Directory

Thomson & Thomson (trademark searching.)

"All About Trademarks" (from Guillot & Gazala, L.L.P.)

The Trade Secrets Home Page (from Mark Halligan)




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